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Miraform™ Fabric for Womens Clothing

You lead a busy life.
Getting from point A to point B has to happen in style.

Rekucci Collection has found a way to make the journey even more comfortable with our MiraForm™ fabric. A blend of fibers with a touch of Spandex, Miraform is built to get you through your day – looking impeccable while feeling the ultimate in comfort.

Our MiraForm™ collection of pants and skirts features pull on waistbands, removing buttons and zippers for a completely seamless and friction-free look. The fabric blend retains its shape throughout the day, and into the night, while giving you a structured silhouette without the rigidness of a typical pair of dress pants or tailored skirt.

We like to think of it as our very own fashion miracle that keeps you feeling at ease and always flattering your form.


Discover our Miraform™ styles including flare leg pants, straight leg pants  and skirts.