All About YOU: Checking In With Rekucci Customer Roxana!

Why do you love wearing Rekucci?

This brand  embodies a modern spin on classic apparel. I love Rekucci, especially their pants because they are designed with a refined elegance, balanced with ease and comfort! All my Rekucci pieces deliver these versatile qualities again & again. I will continue to wear Rekucci as their prices are very affordable. Rekucci truly is a "gem" if comparing their products' value and amazing quality. 


Where do you normally wear Rekucci?

I wear them all the time, and everywhere I go! Basically, I can wear the same pair of Rekucci pants at work, then change out of my office heels and pair them with flats and take my child to the park. They also can be stylish when paired with sandals or a cute running shoe, for my busy on-the-go lifestyle.


What are some of your favorite Rekucci styles?

As mentioned before, I love Rekucci dress pants-they are my absolute favorite! I wear them often to the office, because they make me look stylish and put-together, while feeling like I'm wearing yoga pants! Over the years, I've praised Rekucci so much that I've sent colleagues & friends alike to the Rekucci website to see for themselves. At some point people were even asking me if I was a Rekucci ambassador! HAHAHAHA. I'm just a regular customer of this great brand, which doesn't cut corners when it comes to quality, versatility, comfort and uniqueness. 

When I tried my 1st pair of Rekucci jeans, I couldn't believe the amazingly comfortable feel they had. I definitely didn't expect to find that level of comfort in skinny, leg-hugging jeans! The biggest compliment I ever got while wearing Rekucci denim was "WOW, those jeans look photoshopped on you-they fit so well!" And that's exactly how I feel when wearing them-perfectly polished with not a single flaw showing. The high waist and interior elastic waistband are extremely comfortable, and the bonus tummy control looks and feels amazing. 

Over the years, I have also purchased and worn numerous dresses from Rekucci. They are fun, flirty, lightweight and perfect for almost any occasion! They are all easy, pull-on styles with no fussy zippers or buttons to fumble with. I have been wearing them desk to dinner, without skipping a beat. I also pack them when going on vacation because they travel great, and the fabric is lightweight and breathable. 


What would you like to see more of from Rekucci?

I think the brand has grown a lot from when I discovered it a few years ago. Whenever I get a Rekucci "craving", Amazon and their website become my best friends. Rekucci has a lot more selection to choose from which is great. I think it would be interesting to see and experience Rekucci joggers, that are both comfortable and stylish. 


What does STYLE mean to you? How would you describe your personal style?

For me-style is all about your attitude. Style isn't necessarily fashion, but rather showcasing a reflection of how you feel on the inside. 

As for my personal style, I never liked to fit into one "category", or a pre-determined box. So I fluctuate between the Naturally Chic style (home life and weekend living), and also Modern Sophistication when at work (Paralegals can be chic too!). Feeling comfortable in my clothes is the most important thing to me. In my free-time and when travelling on vacation, I would say my style is more romantic, flirty & feminine.