How To Care For Your Clothing: Helpful tips to keep your Rekucci garments looking their best!


Wearing your favorite shade of rouge is an instant outfit popper-but it's also the fastest way to secure a stain in your favorite blouse or tee!

*The longer you let lipstick sit, the more the stain will set, making it harder to completely remove it.* Using a can of hairspray, spray one to two times the lipstick stain, then let it sit for 5 minutes. Using a damp cloth, gently dab the stain until the lipstick is removed. Afterwards, wash the garment in cold water on a gentle cycle (hand wash is preferable), then let it air dry. 

Always read the care label of your garment before treating any stains. 




There is NOTHING worse than the infamous "Saggy Bottom" pair of jeans-where you are constantly pulling up your jeans throughout the day. The #1 culprit is your clothes dryer. Rekucci denim has 4% Spandex, which is great for comfort but not a friend to Mr. Maytag. Put under the intense heat of a clothes dryer, the spandex fibres will expand and eventually snap-hence ruining the overall fit. We strongly suggest to wash your denim inside out, on a gentle cycle in cold water. Take the denim out of your washing machine as soon as possible, shake out any excess water, then hang to dry. 

You can say goodbye to ill-fitting denim and helloooo to ultimate compliments!




One thing is certain, regardless of your level of hand/eye coordination, makeup spills and smudges are bound to happen. Here's a simple solution to remove the makeup stain-without using a washing machine!

Makeup wipes are not just for your face-these little guys work wonders on makeup stains too. Just take 1 wipe and gently blot the stain until it is lifted. *Helpful hint: If the stain is from powder-based makeup, use a blow-dryer to blast the stain or smudge away. 

Always read the care label of your garment first before attempting, and start with a small spot of fabric to test the application. 




As indicated on the majority of Rekucci care labels, you need to wash your synthetic-fabric garments in cold water, on the gentle cycle of your washing machine. Not only will you be saving energy, but you will also be protecting your clothes from un-necessary heat exposure. Always hang your garments to dry, do not place in a dryer (even on the lowest setting!). The synthetic fibers cannot survive at high temperatures, so if thrown in the dryer the fibres will break free and begin to poke through the fabric's surface. Fabric whiskers are not chic, and neither are faded, poor-fitting clothes!

*Helpful tip: Hang garments to dry in the bathroom after you have taken a shower. The humidity will speed up the drying process, and also will eliminate wrinkles and creases!




For the average "Woman-on-the-Go", breakfast in the car or office can become a normal occurrence. But nothing can ruin a day quicker than spilling your coffee or pasta salad on your clothes! simple solution: Use a hair comb to scrape away any excess food remnants. Then, use a makeup wipe or baby wipe to gently blot away the stain. If at home, use a soft toothbrush and dish soap to gently scrub the stain out. 

*Always read the care label of your Rekucci garment before treating any stain, and test a small area to ensure you do not ruin the fabric.* 




Digging out your summer wardrobe from your closet and dressers, you may notice that some of your white capris and favorite tees are a little dull. Have no fear-Rekucci is here to save the day with an old-school tip!

Using warm water and a cut lemon, soak your garment overnight in the lemon water. Wash the garment as per usual, then hang to dry. Et voila! Your white garments will be good as new. 

*Always read the care label carefully before attempting. Test a small area to ensure the application works properly.*