From The Runway To Rekucci: Fall's Top Trends


The beauty of a basic is that it is timeless, and can easily be incorporated into any look during any season. Funny that the Fall runways were filled with white tank tops, blue denim, black trousers and fitted pencil skirts when the concept is usually more trend and less practicality. 

Rekucci takes pride in offering everyday essentials for the modern woman, so Basic is never a bad word in our books!



You are in for a shock when we tell you the BIG color incorporated into most Fall fashion campaigns has been Fuchsia. This jolt of color is a fresh & inspiring way to pull you from drab dressing into a bold statement look. 

From shorts to skirts, tops to capris, Rekucci has embraced this color like a warm and necessary hug. 



We hope you didn't throw away your pantsuits, pinstripes and dress shirts while working from home-because if the runway is any indication you are surely going to want them!

Have no fear, Rekucci is here to save the day and provide you with quality pants & skirts that scream Boardroom Boss before you even walk through the door. 



Move over Pumpkin Spice, there's a new hot beverage taking hold of the runway and that's Mocha. From light shades of Camel to Caramel, and darker shades of Brown, Mocha is a color that will lift your neutrals and provide rich sophistication to your basics. 

Rekucci has incorporated all of these shades and more into every product category, making sure we have you dressing to impress and inspire. 

Fall 2022 is another season for you to shine wearing Rekucci, so happy shopping everyone!