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From The Runway To Rekucci: Fall's Top Trends
ELEVATED BASICS: The beauty of a basic is that it is timeless, and can easily be incorporated into any look during any season. Funny that the Fall runways were filled with white tank tops, blue denim, black trousers and fitted...
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Rekucci Bootcut Pants: 4 styles for 4 different body types
PERFECT FOR PETITES With a 29 inch inseam, pressed font and wide slimming waistband, this Bootcut pant is an excellent choice if you are petite in stature and size. Simple to pull on, these pants have a mid-rise and sit...
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The Rekucci Work Pant: Fit for any occasion
NEW BUSINESS CASUAL-In Black The soft, 4-way stretch fabrication of this pant will help you get through your workday, feeling just like you are wearing your comfiest pair of PJs! Paired with a patterned blouse and lace-up booties, this casual...
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